Another Test Page

The 4th test page of this webcomic is finally finished! This time I wanted to experiment a bit more with the freedom of free-form panels on a page. Not only that, but I also decided to create the page in Clip Studio Paint to see if it could become a good fit for the production process. Got you curious? Well I've got good news then because I've recorded the whole process and turned it into a six-part video tutorial session at! Go on over and have a look.


Elevator Pitch

Useful Questions & Answers

Detective Logan is called in to collaborate on a new undercover operation after a series of high profile murders within corporate circles. Upon discovering that the murder suspects only communicate within virtual spaces, he’s forced to immerse himself into the dangerous world of cybercrime where some of the darkest and unimaginable secrets in existence are waiting to be discovered.


IMMERSION is a sci-fi detective thriller set in the not to distant future. The webcomic contains some cyberpunk elements mixed with action-packed scenes and a whole lot of cool future technology.


As for the mood and feel of the of the IMMERSION universe... Think of Bladerunner meets Ghost in the Shell, mixed with some Inception and The Matrix.


IMMERSION also covers topics such as computer hacking, the rise of artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, simulated experiences, etc.


Q: Where can I read the webcomic?

A: Right here on this website


Q: When will it be available?

A: Somewhere between Q4 2016 and Q1 2017


Q: Will it be free to read?

A: Yes, it will be 100% FREE to read


Q: Will you distribute per page or per issue?

A: I will be distributing on a page per page basis


Q: How frequently can we expect updates?

A: If all goes well, I'm hoping to release around a page per week


Q: Where can I ask questions/give opinions?

A: You can do that on the official Facebook Page


Q: Is anyone else collaborating?

A: No, I am the sole creator of this webcomic