Another Test Page

The 4th test page of this webcomic is finally finished! This time I wanted to experiment a bit more with the freedom of free-form panels on a page. Not only that, but I also decided to create the page in Clip Studio Paint to see if it could become a good fit for the production process. Got you curious? Well I've got good news then because I've recorded the whole process and turned it into a six-part video tutorial session at! Go on over and have a look.


Project Description

Useful Questions & Answers

IMMERSION Silent Phantom is a sci-fi detective webcomic written and illustrated by David Arroyo. It has an estimated length of 174 pages and is illustrated in full color.

The Story's One Liner

In a not too distant future technology skeptic detective Logan is forced to immerse himself into a maze of virtual worlds in order to capture a mysterious serial killer.

The Central Theme

The story’s main theme covers the question of how humanity’s dependency on technology impacts society. In the story, this is primarily explored through taking a closer look at the immersion; a worldwide phenomenon where people continuously immerse themselves into their virtually simulated lives. Its origins and reason for existing are explored from multiple points of view.


Q: Where can I read the webcomic?

A: Right here on this website


Q: When will it be available?

A: In the Fall of 2017


Q: Will it be free to read?

A: Yes, it will be 100% FREE to read


Q: Will you distribute per page or per issue?

A: I will be distributing on a page per page basis


Q: How frequently can we expect updates?

A: If all goes well, I'm hoping to release around a page or two per week


Q: Where can I ask questions/give opinions?

A: You can do that on the official Facebook Page


Q: Is anyone else collaborating?

A: No, I am the sole creator of this webcomic